Welcome to Storybook Academy:D Where Fairy tales and Children's Books come together:D Here are the rules in order to join:)

Fairytale World is spread apart from The Whole World of Once Apon Time. So it turns out no one should go to Fairytale World, unless they are from Barney's World.

Meet the students:D



Always be nice to each other, and never be mean to others.

And always be respect to someone's artwork:) Never say any rude comments on someone's artwork.

Drawing your OC Rules

In order to create your own oc, go check online to draw Ever After High Form. Here's are some pictures for an examples


You can also do freestyle:D Draw your oc however you like

Is your OC a Fairy Tale or a Children's Book?

There is tons of stories that are family friendly.

Here are the links for Fairytales and Children's Books




Examples like Peter Rabbit or Dr. Seuss

Here are the do's and don'ts


No Characters based on movies. I'm in charge with that.

And NOOO Harry Potter OCS!! Because I don't like Harry Potter!! So there will be NOO Harry Potter here!!!


You can create a Disney OC, but always ask my first before creating a Walt Disney Character

If you want to create an OC based on a Children Show, which is fine with me. But always ask me before creating your oc:) Because I am in charge with my based themed children shows OCs. For example Barney and Friends or Sesame Street.

So always remember, Follow all of my rules and be friendly to everyone.

The Theme Song


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